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Can't see xprint on ios or access server to find ip no.

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  • Can't see xprint on ios or access server to find ip no.

    Hi I recently acquired an xprint server to be able to use my iphones and ipads with my Dell 1760 usb printer currently connected to a Dell T3500 on my network. I connected as per the instructions on the quick start guide and was able to print a test page from the T3500 but when trying to print from Ipads or iPhone 6s I get nothing showing on these devices. I have a wireless router provided by my isp to which my two T3500 are connected by cables. and form a workgroup in windows. I have an additional router connected to the main one by cable that is configured to act as a wireless access point to cover a part of the house that doesn't get a good signal wirelessly. I ran a cable from this to the Xprint and then connected my printer to the Xprint. One other thing I cannot do is connect to the Xprint using the instructions in the manual using the find my print server instructions.