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xPrintServer to Fuji Xerox CM305DF compatible - but not printing

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  • xPrintServer to Fuji Xerox CM305DF compatible - but not printing

    Hi Team,

    I've recently purchased one of your xPrintServer 310-674-R Rev. B REV: A11 for wireless iOS printing. Plugged in, all looks good - have seutp printer in web console. iOS devices can see the printer when attempting to print... but nothing ever prints out.

    Can you assist me?

    So all iOS devices are up to date with software and as far as I can tell the Fuji Xerox CM305DF is running on latest firmware. The xPrintServer is plugged directly into the network (network runs through a switch and router)

    I must be missing something or need to do something so that devices print, hope you can shine some light on this.


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    What firmware version is running on the xPrintServer? It sounds like it is not running the latest firmware.

    "I find when in doubt I retrace my steps"


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      Thanks Kevin, I just checked and it says 1.1.0-71 - when clicking to check for updates it says 'You are running the latest version of the firmware'. Is there anything else that may need tweaking?



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        You will need to download on an IOS device the xPrintServer APP (which is free) and search for the XPS and then click on upgrade firmware. This is the only way to upgrade the firmware on this very old of code.