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On the event that printer setting of xPrintServer disappears

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  • On the event that printer setting of xPrintServer disappears

    Two printers are experiencing an event that the xPrintServer printer setting disappears.

    The first device was a device with a firmware version "5.0.0 - 66", and two printers were registered before the setting disappeared.
    Although the setting of xPrintServer main body (Name, IP Address, Time-zone etc of xPrintServer main body) remained,
    Only the printer setting (2 units) disappeared.
    The possibility of deleting from the management screen of xPrintServer and initialization was unlikely, so I guess that it was caused by some trouble.

    The second device was a device with firmware version "5.1.0-17", and one printer was registered before the setting disappeared.
    Like the first one, the setting of xPrintServer main unit was still left, but only the printer setting (1 unit) had disappeared.
    This xPrintServer is installed with the firmware version "5.0.0 - 66", and "Name" of the printer setting is
    Since it is set with "Japanese (double-byte character)" and since it has been updated to "5.1.0-17", the printer from the management screen
    I have never deleted it.
    * From the person in charge of LANTRONIX, the printer that set "Name" as "Japanese (double-byte character)" at "5.0.0 - 66"
    As for the fact that it can not be deleted from the management screen at the time of "5.1.0-17", it has been asked as a specification and it has been verified also on the actual machine.
    Therefore, we also speculate that this was caused by some trouble.

    Although it has occurred above, is it possible to investigate the cause?
    Since the xPrintServer main unit is restarting, logs that are supposed to have been output when they occurred are in a situation of being lost.
    Would you please let me know if there is information, such as a similar event occurring in another customer etc?

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    Are you using the Japanese Double-byte character in the printer name? This could be causing the printer to become lost in the configuration as it was not tested for those characters.
    I have not seen this situation or problem show up in xPrintServers before. I would recommend trying without the Double-byte character to see if the configuration stays. The printers are written to the flash chip and unless the flash is going bad the printer configuration should stay put. For the unit in 5.0.0-66 I would make sure it's running the latest firmware by checking from the Admin tab.


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      Thank you for your reply.
      Since the printer name uses Japanese 2 byte characters, I realized that there is a possibility that they may be affected.
      This case, we do not mind closing once.
      ※ Translated from Japanese to English by Google translation.