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Lantronix Print servers not showing on network

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  • Lantronix Print servers not showing on network

    I have 2 Lantronix xPrintServer (Office).
    One is one of the older models (firmware 3.3.0-4), and we just purchased a newer model (firmware 5.1.0-17)

    We are a school district with multiple schools and about 240 access points. We are only needing this solution to print from iPads, and we have plenty of those (4000).
    We are using Cisco for our network switching, and have Aruba, Aerohive and Meraki access points in various buildings.

    The older one was working fine for us for years, over the last say 6 months, it would drop off-line and need to be rebooted in order to show up again.
    We have the old one on our "Teacher" wifi VLAN. We have the newer one on our "Student" wifi VLAN. The print servers are sharing 3 and 1 printer respectively, so they are not being over used.
    Both web interfaces come up fine on the devices.

    But now, neither Lantronix wants to show up at all on wireless.
    If I hook my MacBook up to one of the networks, the newer Lantronix shows up, but I cannot get the older model to display on it's VLAN.
    If I connect to wireless, I do see other Airprint printers, actually, I see the same printer on all of our Wireless SSIDs (each one on a separate VLAN).

    And, we do use AppleTVs and they have always worked without issue.

    So... what is going on? I have been on support calls w/ my wireless vendor for hours and they haven't figured out that anything is setup incorrectly, so I am reaching out to Lantronix for support.

    Thank you,
    Mark Kauppila
    Oxford Area School District (PA)

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    It sounds like there are some multicast issues on the network where you are not getting all multicast from the devices.
    1. Check the wireless routers and switches to make sure Multicast is allowed to pass between the VLANs
    2. You may need to open up UDP port 5353 on the network hardware which is the port Multicast uses to send updates on printers.
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