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Serial #0080A3CB32AF. Can't see printer list on iPad.

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  • Serial #0080A3CB32AF. Can't see printer list on iPad.

    Did manual add for printer. It shows in printer list when I browse to unit. Unit will also print a test page to printer. However, the printer list doesn't show when I try and print via iPad. Clients IT says there is nothing blocking the print job.

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    If the printer list is not showing on a iPad or iPhone, your wireless access point sounds like it's blocking Multicast traffic. The Wireless router would need enable Multicast traffic or not filter Multicast messages. Unfortunately due to so many routers out there you may need to contact the Wireless router company to assist in allowing Multicast traffic or Bonjour to pass over the network.

    Where multiple access points are possible you will need to add or open Multicast to all of the nodes.