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    Using with Comcast box, iPad2 and Epson Workforce 630 Network Printer. Lights indicate working but see no way to print. Does not appear to find the printer. Just purchased from Amazon and support tells me that the unit is EOL and no longer supported. Tried to confir supported printers and got no help fro support. Should be a neat fix but right now does not work.

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    Hello Pete643,

    I need to ask a few question to get a better idea on the issue.
    1. What version of xPrintServer are you using?
    The serial number will allow me to look up the model.
    I will also need you to log into the web interface and on the Home page to retrieve the version running 3.3.0-4, 5.1.0-17, etc.

    2. Are you Hooking up the Epson Workforce on the network or directly to the xPrintServer?
    3. Do you have a wireless access point on that network?

    A link to supported printers can be found here on the forum and the Lantronix web site under xPrintServer.
    for convenience I have post the link here.
    Lantronix Supported Printer List for Office Edition 02

    Lantronix Supported Printer List for Cloud Print Edition

    Please post back so I can try to resolve this issue for you.


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      XPS1001NE-01. B-11

      Could not find the version you referenced. Just seeing Cloud and Office. Mine says Network.
      Printer on network
      The access point is on the same network. XPRINT connected to my router.
      I can connect with the printer because I get page feeds but nothing is printed.


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        Are you still there?


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          So to get the version you will need to log into the xPrintServers web manager. If the xPS is hooked up onto network and getting fade in and fade out. Then you can get redirected to the xPS web interface by going to and putting in the serial number of the xPS unit. On the hope page you will find version.

          Is the printer hooked up to the xPrintServer via the USB or is the printer plugged in via Ethernet or Wi-Fi?


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            When prompted for username and password, the defaults are:

            Username: admin
            Password: PASS


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              Still no luck on printing. The printer appears to be connected. I get a message that the printer is offline, however, the printer paper feed appears to work. Just nothing prints.


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                I still haven't seen the version you are running which is found on the home page. It sounds like you are not running firmware.

                On the home page under edition is version. If not running you will need to update.

                1. First go to Admin on the black bar across the top and then firmware on the grey menu on the left side.
                2. Click on Check for firmware update
                3. If there is a update then click to update.

                Make sure you give the unit about 20 minutes then try to print again.


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                  Cannot connect to server. Serial number-0080A398E53C.
                  I have the app downloaded. When


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                    To UR questions :

                    I cannot the get the box you reference. So, I don't know the firmware version. I connect over my home network. Again, Epson Workforce 630, I currently use Printer Pro. It works fine with the Xprint server connected so I must have continuity.


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                      Questions for you.

                      1. Is the printer connected directly thru the USB port on the xPrintServer or is it on the network?

                      2. From a computer please go to and put in your serial number 0080A398E53C, are you not being redirected to the xPrintServer?

                      If you are not being redirected to the web mananger of the XPS, then you will need to factory default the xPrintServer.
                      1. Place the end of a paperclip or similar object into the reset opening (a pin-sized hole on the bottom of the xPrintServer) and press for a minimum of 15 seconds.
                      The Orange "X" LED will go solid when the reset is pushed. Please hold it until the "X" goes dark and then starts to flash.
                      2. Remove the paperclip to release the button.

                      3. Repeat trying to get into the web manager.

                      I need to make sure you are running the latest firmware on the xPrintServer or it will not be able to print due to changes in how Bonjour works with printers after IOS 8.

                      If you are not running then follow the directions from the FAQ once you can see the web manager to bring it up to firmware. Here is the link, FAQ 1779

                      My concern here is if the unit is not running the correct firmware release as the Network edition was the first of the xPrintServer it may never print if it configures the printer. There may still need to be a manual configuration on the printer.

                      Please note that the forums are not like a chat program. And response is not always immediate.
                      "I find when in doubt I retrace my steps"


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                        ON NETWORK
                        I am still getting an error message when I try to connect from my iPadPro to the Epson Workforce 630. Message says connecting to Workforce 630 and then about 10 seconds later I get an error message. I have tried multiple times to get this thing to work but no success. Do I have a defective unit? Very disappoinoted.


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                          Did you get the xPrintServer upgraded to 3.3.0-4? I had mentioned upgrading but never saw if you did?
                          "I find when in doubt I retrace my steps"