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Adding a printer not auto-discovered by the xPrintServer.

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  • Adding a printer not auto-discovered by the xPrintServer.

    There are several reasons a printer might not be auto-discovered on the xPrintServer.

    The Most common reason printers are not detected are:
    • On a different network segment
    • On a different Vlan
    • Not on the supported Printers list
    • Printer is not detected on the USB port

    The following is a generic method to manually add a printer using AppSocket/HP JetDirect as the transport mechanism. Other mechanisms, like LPD can be substituted, but AppSocket is the recommended method, when the printer supports it.

    Note: This method will not work with a USB printer. USB printers must be detected and provisioned by the xPrintServer.

    1. Log into the xPrintServer via a web browser via its DHCP provided IP address or the URL http://xprintserver.local if you have Bonjour installed on your PC
    Or you can go to HERE
    2. Manually add the printer by going to Printers>Advanced and clicking on Manually Add Printer.
    3. Use the AppSocket/HP JetDirect on the first page of the Manually Add Printer and click on Continue.
    4. Complete the field on the next page to read:
    a. socket://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn <--substitute your printer's IP address for the n's.
    5. Click on Continue.
    6. Enter a name and description on the next page and click on Continue.
    7. Select <your printer make> under Make and click on Continue.
    8. Select the <your printer model> under Model and click on Add Printer.
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    Added note:

    You can attempt to add printers not on the supported list by manually adding in the directions above. Select a model of similar make, thus a HP Laserjet 1410, might work with a Laserjet 1450.
    However, there is no guarantee a printer not on the supported list will actually work via this method. Many Printer manufacturers use different drivers for printers in the same series, which could be years apart in manufacturing. This is curtsy method Tech Support has developed to try getting other printers not supported to work, although Lantronix cannot claim this works with any printer outside of those on the supported list.