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Printers keep showing up as offline and cannot get print jobs

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  • Printers keep showing up as offline and cannot get print jobs

    I've seen this behavior showing up in more secured networks.

    When attempting to send a print job the print job is stalled in Google on the Cloud print management page. If the xPrintServer is power cycled printing resumes for a time.

    Let me answer with the best solution I can give to fix this first and then the what causes the issue after.

    Lantronix Tech Support's recommendation is to get an appliance timer, usually one of the digital ones with multiple time sets a day. Something like:

    Click here: Appliance Timer

    Set the timer for early in the morning prior to employees coming in and then later like at a common lunch time. This basically power cycles the device for a few minutes creating very limited offline time. This is the best solution Lantronix can suggest at this time and works in 95% of the cases with symptoms like you are seeing.


    The xPrintServer with Google cloud sends an XMPP packet every few seconds on port 5222. The data is very small in size and keeps the printer online status updated and check for new prints. What we have been seeing in traces regarding this is that the Firewall/proxy, Sonicwall is doing stateful minding on the internal network and outbound connections. Since the port is always active with no data this port gets shut down until a full communication package is resent. This happens when you power cycle the xPrintServer. It has to sign back into Google cloud services and report printers online. Due to this larger data communication the firewall/proxy/Sonicwall allows the connection and you can then print again.
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