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Printer Names Not Updating

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  • Printer Names Not Updating

    When I did a discovery for printers I got 9 found. They were all added to my email account. In the XPrintServer interface I updated the drivers and Printer Names. BUT when I log into my email to manage and share the printers they still have the old generic printer names so i cant tell which printer is which. Does it take time for it to update or am I doing something wrong. I didn't have this issue with the other boxes in other buildings.

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    Is this for IOS or for Google Cloud?

    In the IOS you may need to clear the cache of the iPhone or iPad for the names to update.
    (Clearing the Cache is iOS devices requires a power down of the device and power back up. Sleep mode will keep the cached printer names.)

    If this is part of the Google cloud, then it takes time for them to be updated in the Cloud services. I find the fastest method is after changes are made is to reboot the xPS and they should update withing 45 minutes.
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