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Uses Proxy or Can a stitic iP address be used for xPrintServer

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  • Uses Proxy or Can a stitic iP address be used for xPrintServer


    We are on a school network and would like to have a method for printing from chrome books. Our network for internet is through the proxy for most devices or i can use static ip addresses for other devices needing this configuration.

    We have just received the Lantronix xPrintServer cloud Print Edition.

    the orange light blinks 7 times than stop for a couple of seconds then starts over again.

    We can not register this unit we get the following message:

    Your entry has NOT been submited!

    Serial Number does not match a known activated unit.

    Please help!



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    Now it blinking orange 2 times


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      I believe part of the problem you are running into is that the xPrintServer out of the box is trying to get and IP address from your DHCP. The unit is being assigned the IP but cannot get out to the cloud to retrieve drivers for your printers. So it is falling to no printers found.
      The XPS Cloud does have a list of supported printers found at:

      Now the XPS needs to pull the drivers for printers from our Cloud database. It appears the XPS cannot get out in your network to report it's IP address to our Cloud server and pull drivers for your printers.
      I have a couple of recommendations to get his working.

      1. Check with your IT group and see if they can make a static reservation in the DHCP table for the XPS by it's MAC address. This will give you the IP the unit is going to get so you can get into the XPS web GUI and setup your proxy settings for the Cloud server to get out onto the Internet and Cloud.
      2. Take the unit home and let it gets an address, then assigned it a static IP address for the school network and proxy settings so when it powers back up at school you can reach it for configuration.
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