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Mobile Printing - Which to select

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  • Mobile Printing - Which to select

    I'm looking on the main site and there are two products for mobile printing, which to choose is my question?

    there is the xPrintServer Office and xPrintServer - Clound Print Ed.

    We are looking to add google chrome books ( google school) or students personal laptops ( windows and Mac) to existing campus network and require these mobile users to print.

    we are presently a windows server campus with network printer on print servers.

    Which one of the above device will be best suited for our application ?
    How many network printers are recommend per xPrintServer?
    Most of the students Printers are Kyocera FS 4200 models, will these be support?



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    I don't know if you received and answer on this but if you are using chrome books, I recommend the Cloud print Ed.

    Cloud Print edition supports a lot more printers
    where the xPrintServer Office version 2 only supports printers with Postscript print language.
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