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  • Kevin
    I believe some of the responses have gotten lost.

    The xPrintServer uses Multicast traffic and if it is not being advertised on a IOS device you may need to check.

    1. Is the wireless domain passing Multicast traffic?
    2. Are you running the latest firmware on the xPrintserver - 3.3.0-4?
    3. Also check where the xPrintServer is located and if in a different subnet or Vlan that in the separate subnets that UDP port 5353 is open.

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  • jwhopper
    started a topic XPrintServer Network Edition

    XPrintServer Network Edition

    My company is trying to implement an Xprintserver network edition to allow printing from iOS devices to several copiers around our building and we are having some trouble getting the iOS devices to see any printers show up. We just moved to this building a year ago and this used to work at our old location but it was also a flat network and at the new location we have multiple subnets. Some of the printers are on different subnets as well. But we connected the xprintserver to the wireless network and confirmed it is pulling an address within the wireless subnet. We have added all the printers and successfully printed test pages from the xprintserver to each of the printers, but we just cannot get the printers to show up in the printer list on any iOS device. We have verified that port 5353 is open and our network engineer said we were not blocking any multicast traffic. Airprint or postscript is enabled on all the copiers as well. Any ideas on what might be causing this? The xprintserver is running firmware version 3.3.0-4 and it won't update any farther than that. I believe this particular device may be EOL but was hoping to still get some support in getting this up and running.