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Cannot Access XPrintServer or see it on network

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  • Cannot Access XPrintServer or see it on network

    I changed from apple airport router to xfinity Gateway router. When I plugged in the XPrintserver (which worked perfectly with apple wifi), it showed up on new router as offline device. It gave Mac address, which did not allow anything when used. Using serial # in various iterations also did not allow access. Resetting Xprintserver umpteen times did nothing. So now it is a paperweight. I reset the xprintserver per manual several times. The lights on the xprintserver respond as indicated in users manual, but it will not connect to my network. I reconnected my apple airport and connected the xprintserver back to it, but that did not allow a connection either. IS THERE ANY HOPE TO RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM. This is what the Xfinity Gateway shows under offline devices.
    00:80:A3:98:5E:92 MAC Address
    00:80:A3:98:5E:92 Comments
    DHCP Ethernet

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    First lets make sure you are resetting the device.

    1. Place the end of a paperclip or similar object into the reset opening (a pin-sized hole on the bottom of the xPrintServer) and press for a minimum of 15 seconds.
    2. Remove the paperclip to release the button.

    Then on the new router does the led "X" do a continual flash? or does it get to a slow fade in and out?

    If the Xprintserver keeps single flash...pause...single flash...pause, then the unit is not getting an IP address from the DHCP of the Infinity router. Try a different port on the router and or a different cable.

    Once it gets out of the single flash then you can go to put in the MAC address (serial number) and get redirected to the web interface.

    See the quickstart at:


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      I followed instructions. The device showed online in router, but by the time I got back to safari to access the XPrintServer, it went offline. Thus no access. Repeatedly reset with same results


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        Does the XprintServer LED "X" just continually flash?


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          When I reset XPrintServer the x led flashed four times then stopped and flashed four times again and continued that pattern as long as reset button was held in. After 15/20 seconds, then both leds lit, then the left led stayed on indicating network connection. It connected to router, but then went offline. The X is now blinking on and off continuously.


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            This is what the router indicates after last attempt IPV6 Address
            2601:6c4:4000:326a::f51a Local Link IPV6 Address
            EMPTY MAC Address
            00:80:A3:98:5E:92 Comments


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              Are you using IPv6 in your network only? The xPrintServer should be using an IP v address. A

              A continual blink indicates that the xPS is having trouble getting and IP address from the network. Is there an alternate network you can try to put this on with a DHCP with access to the Internet?

              The LED if constantly flashing a single flash is not getting an IP address.
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