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xPrintServer Firmware Update Issue

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  • xPrintServer Firmware Update Issue

    When attempting to update the firmware through the UI on an xPrintServer running version 4.0.0-38, it is only giving the option to downgrade to 3.3.0-4. I tired to downgrade just to see if it would then let me update to 5.1.0-17 but it still says it's on version 4.0.0-38 with the available firmware update of 3.3.0-4 available.

    A factory reset has been done with the same results.

    Any way to get passed this remotely?

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    Thanks for the post.

    4.0.0-38 is a beta firmware that Tech Support had to put specific xPrintservers for support for specific printers and USB based printers. The unit you have 4.0.0-38 was a beta firmware that didn't go out as a release version. As a result it will always show the lesser 3.3.0.-4 but the unit cannot downgrade. The xPrintServer model you have cannot upgrade any higher.

    Lantronix originally had several models of xPrintServer, Network, Home, and Office. Later we released Cloud print and then Lantronix finally finished getting Certified with Apple for the xPrintServer 02 and the Network, home and older Office FC-01 versions were discontinued due to the certification.

    Network, Home and Office FC-01 were able to go up to 3.3.0-4. After that due to the Certification requirements those units were put on discontinued and the xPrintServer Office and Cloud remained as the only two xPrintServers Lantronix sells.

    There were several major changes in the Office design. Primarily the 5.0.0+ code on the Office versions only support Postscript print language.