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xPrintServer unresponsive after several days uptime

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  • xPrintServer unresponsive after several days uptime

    I have an xPrintServer Office edition running firmware 5.1.0-17
    I have found that it becomes unresponsive after 7 - 10 days. When unresponsive, the web interface is not functioning and no airprint printers are available on iOS devices.

    To get this working again, I pull the power plug and reboot. After a reboot, everything functions as expected for several days or week before becoming unresponsive again.

    What can I do to provide a longer uptime on this device?

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    Are you using the Google Cloud options on the xPrintServer? or Did you setup a Google account?

    I have seen this issue show up when the Cloud options are being used. There really is not anything you can configure on the xPrintServer to affect this. The post found here: talks about using a digital appliance timer to reboot the server a few times a day when traffic is low. This will usually prevent the issue you were seeing keeping the printer from hanging on network firewall concerns.