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Manually adding a USB printer

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  • Manually adding a USB printer

    My team bought this print server to use with a Samsung SL-M3780. The driver doesn't seem to be available from Lantronix and I don't understand how to take a printer driver and make it a .bin file. I also understand no printer drivers will be added to this product now. So, instead, I thought that I'd use a different basic driver, but over USB. But, in order to manually setup a printer, you have to put the socket information in. Is that something that can be done for a USB printer? If so, how?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Unfortunately, the printer is not supported and as there isn't a SL series driver on my supported list any attempts would fail.

    However, the Samsung does have Samsung Mobile Print app or Google Cloud Print built into that Printer which you can get the printer working with smartphones and tablets. I would investigate those methods as they work for Android, Windows, or iOS devices.