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Ricoh Printer Printing Garbage

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  • Ricoh Printer Printing Garbage

    Hello, we recently replaced and older Lantronix print server with a new one. this one has firmware version 5.1.0-17. When trying to print a test page from the xprintserver to either of our Ricoh printers they either do not print at all or they print garbage. I have tried different drivers with no success. This location uses the air printer constantly so, we need to make this work.Any help would be appreciated.

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    Most likely the Ricoh Printer you are using does not have Postscript as a default print langues. Ricoh may have a Postscript kit that will either update the firmware or add a chip to the printer to support Postscript printing. The older version of the Office xPrintServer used to allow PCL, Postscript and a few other languages. With the Apple certification on the Office 02 product running 5.1.0-17 Lantronix went to supporting only Postscript printers.


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      We replaced the older one because we could not get it to print to these printers.


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        What is the printer model is it on the supported printers list? Found here:


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          Aficio MP C3501
          I see 3500 listed under supported printers. Hopefully this is a supported model?


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            The Aficio MP C3501 supports PCL printer language by default and has Post Script as an option. See the Spec Sheet at the link below.


            That being said, you would need to get the optional Post Script feature from Ricoh for this printer and then manually add the printer and use the 3500 driver. There is a good chance this will work but we cannot guarantee it will. And the C3501 is not on the supported list.

            Not sure if the cost for Post Script would be prohibitive for you but I am sure Ricoh has a cost for it.