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Manually adding a printer in the 5.1.0-17 firmware for the xPrintServer Office

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  • ateichman
    Although AirPrint is much more prevalent than it was when the xPrintserver came out, the xPrintserver solves some network related issues that AirPrint can't. Since Lantronix is no longer updating drivers, it would be wonderful if you could enable manual installation of PPDs, other than those in your canned list of them. It would stop this from being a deadend product. Please consider this a feature request.

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  • TechSupport2
    A couple of notes here.

    The xPrintServer Office Edition 02, (Current version,) only supports PostScript Print Language printers. If the Printer is not on the supported printers list a similar model might work.
    Lantronix does not Guarantee that adding a non-supported printer will work and Lantronix is not adding new printers at this time.

    Also, double check with the Printer Manufacturer, website, on the specifications for the Print Language. If the printer has PostScript (Optional) or (Kit) then the printer does not have Postscript without the addition kit from the Printer manufacturer.

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  • Manually adding a printer in the 5.1.0-17 firmware for the xPrintServer Office

    Below is the method to manually add a printer in the xPrintServer's web interface.

    Please log into the xPrintServer web interface, See 'Navigation' and 'Logging In' on pages 12-13, and 15 of the online User Guide found at:

    1. Click on 'Printers' in the black bar at the top of the Web interface.

    2. Select Manual Add.

    3. In the Model field type the beginning of the Model number or name to display a list of printers with similar name/model. To shorten the list keep entering more characters from the beginning of the model/name until you see your printer or a similar printer that uses the same driver.

    4. Select your printer or a similar model that uses the same driver.

    5. Enter a Queue name (Note the Queue name cannot have spaces, # symbols or /)

    6. Enter a Description to be displayed in the Printers list.

    7. If you like you can also enter a Location.

    8. In the Socket field, type a socket URI in the form 'socket://' where the xxx. is the IP address of the printer. We recommend that printers be assigned static IP addresses.


    9. Click Add Printer

    Note: If the above formatting is not used, once "Add Printer" is clicked it will appear the printer is being added normally but it won't show up in the Printer List. If you encounter this please review the above format and attempt to add the printer again.
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