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XPort will not boot

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  • XPort will not boot

    Hi There,

    I'm a newbie to these forums, so please cut me a little slack for my lack of knowledge .

    I've got an XPort XP100 Rev F14 device hooked up on its own to a 3.3V supply (which is very stable, so the issue isn't a noisy supply).

    3 days ago, I had the module plugged in and working fine via Telnet, Web Manager and DeviceInstaller. I plugged it back in today only to find that it was not registering onto the network with my DHCP server. I get a green status light, but an orange flashing data light, which would suggest the link has been set up as half duplex for some reason, rather than the full duplex connection I had the other day!? The xPort also no longer shows up in DeviceInstaller :S.

    Nothing about my setup has changed since it was last plugged in, including my network setup.

    Any thoughts/help on this would be greatly appreciated



    Woops, It looks like I've somehow accidently ended up posting in the Python Thread... Sorry guys!
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    Hi Alex,

    Your best bet is to call our Technical Support line. There they can walk you through troubleshooting steps, and if needed, pass your issue to a Field Applications Engineer for further assistance.

    You can get the contact numbers (and hours that they answer the phone) on the right side of the screen here:


    PS: Don't worry about the forum issue, I'll move it to a more appropriate forum later.