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Xport AR Tunnel slow response

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  • Xport AR Tunnel slow response


    We are using Xport AR with PoE option and we are trying to make a tunnel communication between a PC and a microcontroller connected to UART. The connection works at 9600 and 115200 (we use 115200) but when sending messages, sometimes there is a big latency (over 200 ms). We are sending message from PC to Xport to our controller and back as fast as possible (for testing). The messages might be short (6 bytes long) or longer (70 byters). If we send one message and wait 2 seconds, the reply come fast (20 ms) but if we send messages one after the other, the response is very slow (over 200 ms).

    Is there anything we can do to improve this beucase this is a critical point is our product.

    Thank you,

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    Please advise on this topic. Is there a way we can get the firmware of the device or a work around or something we do? We developed our product based on this and this is a blocking point.


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      Have you tried setting the Packing Mode for the Tunnel to Timeout? Then lower the Threshold and Timeout values.


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        We tried that, we put 100 bytes and 1 ms but the system behaves the same. If there are multiple messages sent one after the other, the delay increases a lot. There is no new firmware version available and we used the oscilloscope to see that the issue doesn't come from our controller. The Xport responds to ping within 1 ms however the routing to UART is slow and inconsistent.
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          Please advise a solution ASAP. Firmware upgrade or anything else