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xPico set port setting via CP1 and CP2

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  • xPico set port setting via CP1 and CP2

    II have an xPico and I would like to place 2 dip switches to switch between 232 and 485 and half and full duplex (485). When I set the configurable pins CP1 to RS485 Select Channel 1 and CP2 to RS485 2 Wire select and ground the pins nothing happens. I pull the pin to 3.3V and still nothing happens. Are these pins set to input in this mode and does the web interface update to reflect the changes?

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    These two CP roles are outputs that allow you to control circuitry on your PCB to switch the serial transceiver between RS232 and RS485, as well as half and full duplex.

    To change the configuration of the xPico itself, you need to do that via the configuration manager.


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      I realized the pins were outputs last night. The confusion came in as the web interface grays out the Direction selection and keeps the last selection, so they both indicated input. Is the configuration manager available via deviceInstaller or CPR Manager? Also, how do I get access to the web api?


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        You can access the configuration manager through the web server, telnet, serial port, or monitor mode. More details are in the User Guide:

        There's no WebAPI on the xPico, as it's a Cobos based device. The WebAPI is in the newer devices like the xPico 200 family. You can send Setup Records through the 77FEh port if you'd like to send configuration programmatically.