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XPort - embedding own code inside

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  • XPort - embedding own code inside

    Hi there,
    We would like to post some data coming from a serial port over the internet.
    Before this, a little app would parse the data, and then send it over MQTT.
    Question is simple - would the XPort be able to achieve this? Is it possible to develop and upload our own firmware? (would that be CPK?)
    Also, is XPort Lx6 also right for this? What is the difference between XPort and XPort Lx6, the OS?
    Can't find info around the SDK and firmware development options...
    Thanks for your support,
    Kind regards.

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    Yes, you can use the CPK to put custom code into the XPort and parse the data from the UART as necessary.

    The XPort Lx6 adds IPv6, but it doesn't have an SDK that you can put code in it to create your custom application.

    Another option you might want to consider is the newly introduced XPort EDGE:

    This adds a lot of security features, and you can also load your own firmware. It uses the same SDK as the xPico 200.



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      For any new 'XPort' project considering the Internet, I think your best option would be the XPort EDGE also. The XPort-05 does not support TLS/HTTPS and these are clearly needed with today's web services.


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        Hi there again - many thanks for your answers.

        So, this means that "regular" XPort can run my own custom code - good. But, can I post my data over MQTT then?

        XPort Edge - saw this product before but was not released ... it is now. I will check too. Guess its bit more expensive.

        Not many information about the CPK - is it freely available to download? documentation?

        Thanks so much again for your support.


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          The XPort-05's SDK is known as the CPK. This requires an executed License and is free of charge. Support details around the CPK are on LTRX-CPK on Yahoo Groups. While you could implement MQTT on the XPort-05, I believe the next question is over 'what' transport? MQTT was originally design on top of UDP, but is more popular today over a TCP/TLS connection. The XPort-05 can do TCP but not TLS.
          CPK license is availabe here: