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Storing data on the xport

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  • Storing data on the xport

    I am trying to create a java applet to work as web interface for users on the XPort-05, which will be able to send out simple email alarms. To do this the software must be able to write values to somewhere on the XPort to store fields such as email address and alarm limits, so that they are still present after a power cycle. I believe this should be possible as in the default web interface on the system there are fields for Email address that are stored, which leads me to believe there must be some method of reading/writing to an area of memory on the XPort to keep this data. Would it be possible to get a copy of the default project, or the code snippet that does this, so i can build it into my own project to achieve the functionality i require.

    Many Thanks

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    First, I'm not sure you want to use a Java Applet these days - support is getting more scarce each day. The email settings are stored in records 5 & 6, and you should be able to extract them.
    I'm sure what you are asking for code wise. The standard firmware is not available in source. The web pages can be extracted from the COB archive using a tolls supplied in the CPK. The CPK requires an executed License, and is no charge. The CPK also allows you to author your own firmware for the XPort.