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Send Serial Device Data to External Web Service

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  • Send Serial Device Data to External Web Service

    We have a serial device that we have installed an XPort module to allow serial-over-IP communication. We have a potential customer that would like our device to send the serial data to a web service that they are hosting.

    Does the XPort SDK have the potential to allow the ROM to be modified to capture serial data from our device and send them to a web service?

    If so, is there documentation or examples that I can review that would relate to accessing a web service?


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    Yes, there is an SDK for the XPort, called the CPK, to customize the firmware on the XPort. Instructions on how to get the CPK:

    A word of caution: if the web service requires SSL/TLS for encrypting the connection, then the XPort will not work. In that case, I would look at the XPort Edge instead:

    The XPort Edge is pin compatible with the XPort. The SDK for the XPort Edge is not the CPK though. Rather it's the same SDK that is used for the xPico 240/250 that can be downloaded from this forum.