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Multiple connections to UDS1100

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  • Multiple connections to UDS1100

    Hello, we are working with a Hospital that uses a UDS1100 Serial to Ethernet converter to connect the devices to the LAN, and then a software connects to the UDS to get data from the device. Our doubt comes up because we are trying to connect to the UDS (already connected to the Hospital software) and the connection is rejected. Reading the User Guide, we found the parameter "Auto increment for active connect": this allow us to connect simultanously via TCP to the UDS? I mean, we need to capture the same data that the device sends through the UDS to the Hospital's software.


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    I'm sorry - but the UDS1100 software only supports a single TCP connection to the serial port. You can either create custom firmware, or use a UDS2100, and tie the second serial port RX line to the port one RX line; then connect to TCP port 10002. This of course is only good for receiving data - no TX is possible.