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Using XPort from Windows

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  • Using XPort from Windows

    I'm new to the Lantronix XPort. We have integrated a Lantronix XPort into one of our products which again inside the device connects to a serial port.
    My question is, how do I the best way communicate with the serial port though the XPort from a Windows application.

    How and which tool do I use to setup the XPort for interfacing with the serial port? Which tool can be used in production environment to setup the port initially?
    How do I identify the ip-address of the XPort from a Windows application? Can I broadcast to locate and identify the XPort and the ip-settings?
    How do I change the ip-settings from my Window application?
    What if the ip-setting is unknown, can it be reset to a factory state, from a Windows application or from a reset signal?
    Does an API for c++ exist for communicating with the XPort?
    Does an API exist for communicating with the XPort just as a serial port seen from the Windows application, like a virtual COM port for XPort. And can this Windows driver be installed using our corporate Vendor ID etc?
    Is it possible to change the MAC address of the XPort to use our corporate range?


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    By default, the XPort runs DHCP and listens for connection on port 10001. From windows, use a program that supports TCP sockets and connect to the IP Adressof the XPort port 10001. You then have a clean connection to the serial device. Lantronix Device Installer can help you determine the IP address and COM Port Redirector would work if you need to emulate a serial port on the PC. I recommend using a 'network aware' program when possible. You can configure the device over the nework with a browser, UDP program, or telnet to port 9999. Please consult the User Guide here: