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Using custom web page to interact with MCU

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  • Using custom web page to interact with MCU

    Is it possible to create a custom html page hosted on the XPort that can show values that are provided from our microcontroller through the serial interface? And vice versa - get selected values from the web page to our MCU?

    We have been using the Nano Lanreach to let our customers manipulate some parameters by a web interface that can interact (get/send data) on the serial port so our MCU can be updated accordingly. Now we would like to replace it with the XPort device. Is this possible? I suppose we would use the CPK (we have signed the agreement before but never needed to use the CPK yet) to send over our COB-files (web pages) to the XPort. No problem. But is there built in support in the XPort web server to get/put data on the serial port that we show on the XPort web page? Or must we also provide our own customized firmware for this to work? (We would rather not.)

    If this topic is already covered in the documentation (I will check again - I only had the user guide here now) or in another thread - please excuse me and point me in the right direction.

    Thank you!
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    If this is a new project, consider the xPort Edge and the webAPI. If you have requirements for the XPort-05, drop me an email direct to [email protected]