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Serial comunication error

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  • Serial comunication error

    I'm using the xport 5 to stablish a telnet connection with my embedded system, but the xport adds a 0 before sending the data. Example if the data to send is: "hello world" what it sends is 0hello world. I've cheked for bugs or errors in my side, but there doesn't seem to be any, the system works well when connected to other UARTs. So, I want to ask what could be causing this mistake and how can I fix it.
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    The XPort-05 is capable of providing an 8-bit connection to/from the UART. Please evaluate the configuration of the device - specifically, do not enable telnet / RFC2217 mode. Start from Connect Mode: C0, Pack Control: 00 and Disconnect Mode: 00 - then add the features you may need for success