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  • Xport on linux


    I do not really know where to post this question. So forgive me if this is the wrong sub-forum. I did look through the forum but could not find the answer to my problem

    I have bought a commercial product (CAEN AH401D) that use a Lantronix Xport devices. There is no help provided other than the ASCI commands for the unit and a redirection to the lantronix website.
    The photo below show the unit's spesific details gathered with DeviceInstaller.

    I have installed Lantronix CPR4.3 (Comport Redirector) on my Windows 7 machine and created a virtual comport associated with the IP address of the Xport unit. I then installed the Realterm terminal program and connected to the virtual comport at the correct baud rate and other communication settings. I am now able to read ASCI data and send commands per the supplier's command list.

    Now the question.
    We want to create a C program for the CAEN AH401D that runs on scientific linux 6.9. So my guess is something simular to what was done in the windows enviroment with the Comport Redirector must be done on linux to create a virtual comport to which the C application can connect. Am I correct? Is there drivers or an application that can perform this function in linux. Maybe in the Linux SDK?
    Or does linux have a way to connect an application program written in C via telnet to the Xport device. If so is that the prefered way to interface to the Xport devices?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try 'socat' on Linux. Or, rewrite the application to support the use of sockets.