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How to configure Xport MBTCP via the serial port?

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  • How to configure Xport MBTCP via the serial port?

    We are using an embedded Xport MBTCP to provide Ethernet support for a client's product, and need to be able to configure TCP/IP parameters (either DHCP or
    IP and Mask) via the serial port. We cannot ask them to run the Lantronix device installer, a PC will not be available at the client's location.

    I can enter config mode (the telnet configuration menu via serial port) but trying to have the microcontroller pretend it's a person typing is very slow and cumbersome
    (and trying to use telnet configuration without slowing down to human typing speeds causes the setup to fail).

    Lantronix phone support says that Monitor mode may be a better way to do this, but they do not have documentation to send me, and that I should ask the field
    engineers in this forum.


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    Sorry for the delay (vacation) - please drop me note direct ([email protected]) and I'll send you the setup document for Modbus.