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XPortPro Module - Temperature Measurement Location

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  • XPortPro Module - Temperature Measurement Location

    I am currently in the process of taking temperature measurements on the XPortPro module. I would like to find out where to place the thermocouples on the XPortPro so that I can take the necessary temperature measurements.

    Thanks for your help.


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    The -40 to +85 Celsius is the ambient temperature around the XPort Pro.


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      Mariano - Thanks for the feedback. What I need to do is attach thermocouples to the XPort Pro. My question is where to attach them on the XPort Pro housing so that I can measure the critical temperatures.


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        The specified temperature for the XPort Pro is the temperature of the air around the device itself. We're not specifying critical temperatures on the housing itself. As long as the air around it is not above 85 degrees, then it is within spec. So the thermocouples should be mounted so that they are near the XPort Pro's housing, but not touching it.



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          Understood. Thanks again. My main concern is with heat dissipation. So generally, as long as the following conditions exist, we should be okay:

          1. The ambient air around the XPort Pro is not above 85 C, and
          2. The PCB is laid out as described in the Integration Guide, page 11, where there is 1 square inch of copper attached to the shield tabs

          I understand that there are always exceptions, but generally speaking, if we have the above conditions, we should be okay.