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  • UDS1100 TCP connections


    My company has a UDS1100 connected to a scale for weighing product, and the IT team has a developed a custom application to connect to port 10001 and read scale data. Does the UDS1100 support more than 1 connection to port 10001? We are using firmware version V6.11.0.0 if that makes any difference. It is setup as accepting passive connections, and no active connections are configured.

    I'm asking because I'm trying to help troubleshoot the system, and determine if when it stops working if it is the scale, the cabling, the UDS1100, or the switch it is connected to. I had a scenario where the Lantronix would ping, and the web interface would work, but trying to connect to port 10001 with putty would result in "connection refused".



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    Standard Lantronix UDS1100 firmware only supports 1 TCP connection to the serial port.
    Connection Refused would be the typical result if something else is TCP connected to the port.
    If 'ping' and the web interface still work - try to telnet to port 9999. When the splash screen appears, press 'M' instead of <enter>. This is Monitor Mode. The prompt is '>'.
    Use the "TT" command to dump the TCP Table. You should see who the active peer is for port 10001. (You might grab that screen of data to later reference.)
    If you believe the network 'peer' has closed, check the configuration of "Keep-Alive" in advanced settings. You don't want the number too small, but it is effectively the amount of time between 'probes' to the peer to be sure it is still listening / connected. After 7 missed probe responses, the UDS will disconnect.
    However, if the UDS has serial data to transmit, the retransmission timer would likely expire and tear down the TCP connection long before keep-alive finishes probing.


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      Thank you Gary, that's exactly what I needed to know.