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Non-Standard BAUD Rates on XPORT

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  • Non-Standard BAUD Rates on XPORT

    I remember a few years ago a Lantronix apps engineer told me that non-standard BAUD rates were possible on a standard XPORT Module. Now I asked the same question to the Lantronix support page and received a reply that non-standard BAUD rates are only supported by the XPORT Pro Module.

    Does anybody know of a way to get non-standard BAUD rates on a standard XPORT Module? Is there a work around, patch or possible old firmware install that has this capability?

    We have a customer who requires 200KBps & 250KBps which has already purchased our converters and they are located in a foreign country and shipping the units back to retrofit an XPORT Pro module would be very cost prohibitive. In other words, shipping would cost more that the units themselves.

    Hopefully someone on this forum may be able to help.