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Set CP1-3 without web interface

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  • Set CP1-3 without web interface

    I it possible change function of configurable pin without default xPort web interface?
    I use own interface, but we need change General purpose I/O to HW flow control In/Out.
    How can I do that by simmilar steps? By telnet or ...

    Thanks for answer.

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    You can use DeviceInstaller to save and then load Setup record 7 which contains the CP settings.

    First use a model XPort with standard firmware and web manager to set the Configurable Pin functions you need.
    Choose the example device from the DI search results and click File->Save Setup Records.
    Choose Setup Record 7.
    Click the Save button and enter a file name and path.

    You will also use DeviceInstaller to load the setup record file on the target device(s).
    In DeviceInstaller (DI) do a Search and click on the XPort line then click Upgrade.
    Choose "Create a custom installation.."
    Click Next with no firmware file.
    Choose "Install setup records from a file", browse to the saved setup record file (.rec) you created above and click Next.
    Click Next again and wait for the upload to finish.


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      Thank you. In this records are all parameters? Exist any documents where is described all bytes in records? It is possible change this bytes without DI? By sending some hex string to specific port?
      Can I set this way new IP address.


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        I am the FAE in Europe. I will contact you for CPK download package. We have "Setup Record" documentation insdie the CPK package. It contains all information. And, yes, you can change the IP as well.