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set XPort IP based on GPIOs

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  • set XPort IP based on GPIOs

    I'm interested in setting or changing my XPort's IP address based on input from the three GPIO pins. Has anyone tried that before? Is the source code for the firmware load available for me to look at or modify?

    I'm guessing it can't be done, but I figured I'd ask here... any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Why not use the serial interface to set the IP address?

    Do you want to send the XPort a new IP address by communicating over the GPIO pins?

    There is a C Programmer's Kit to develop you own firmware for the XPort and sample applications are provided, but the factory source code is not available.


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      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the reply. To clarify, we'd like to have the XPort sense the state of the GPIOs on startup, and then set it's IP to one of two addresses based on what it finds. Unfortunately, using the serial interface won't be an option.

      You mention a programmers kit, is that the same as the Evolution SDK? If so, that only works for the XPort Pro (and not the regular XPort), correct?



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        To program the XPort, you need the CPK. Please see this post for how to get the CPK: