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WebAPIToDevice needs to be ported to XPort Pro

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  • WebAPIToDevice needs to be ported to XPort Pro

    My company has purchased several XPort Pro devices with the specific purpose of hosting an embedded web page on the device to communicate directly to the serial ports.

    Unfortunately from what I have researched now, it appears the XPort Pro has no built in API to allow sending/receiving data on the serial port. I uncovered the exact API which I need on the XPico WiFi module however:

    So my question is this: Can the API from XPico be ported over to the Xport Pro, with a new firmware released to support this?

    Other restrictions placed on me:
    * I do not have the development kit, thus can not build my own firmware.
    * Running a packaged app (chrome), flash app or java applet that connects back to the IPort is not acceptable.
    * Only a very minimal interface is required. The 7.5 MB flash storage on XPort is plenty.
    * Replacing the default interface is easy enough, with the http/config/index.html thus maintain this please.

    It seems we bought the Xport Pro's thinking they could already do this. They were a replacement for the old XPorts which were in use. The PremierWave device looks like I could very easily do it through a python script, but we are limited to the Xport Pro for now.

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    This is not possible with the XPort Pro. Please contact your local Lantronix sales manager or FAE to discuss whether this will be feasible in the future.