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How create TCP tunnel from browser to xPort - various devices

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  • How create TCP tunnel from browser to xPort - various devices

    In my realization I need establish a connection between web browser and Atmel MCU serial port.

    I need:
    • Establishing a connection from browser.
    • I can not use JavaApplet - I need open it on Apple devices too.
    • The best way is use JavaScript, but webSocket have the header and connection is accepted after right reply from xPort.

    The questions are:
    • It is possible forward the webSocket header to my MCU, where aj create the reply to it?
    • I try use net.Socket (node.js) and export javasript by browserify, but it end by error "net.connect is not a function". Is this way right?
    • In Lantronix modules table I see xPort have HTML/CGI support. It is possible use CGI to reply to header?
    • It is possible move data from serial link to web server memory of xPort and then use CGI script for change html contents?
    • Have someone real experiences with this type of tunnel?
    • Is xPorts web server active - it is possible use server-side script on it?

    Can I do this on other Lantronix modules - WiPort, xPico Wifi..?
    Please help

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    You can do this with xPico Wi-Fi today using the Web to serial function. It wouldn't be WebSockets, but standard AJAX requests.

    As for xPort or other Cobos based devices, that requires the use of the CPK and running custom firmware on the device. You'll need to contact your local Lantronix sales team to get the CPK.


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      But when I check this table
      xPico WiFi does not have AJAX support.

      It is necesary update the special firmware?


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        xPico Wi-Fi standard firmware version 1.4 includes the Web to serial function. You can see more details on this feature in the wiki.


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          Very thanks for link. This is the solution of my problem with xPico wifi.
          I try find more information about CPK to do similar solution on xPort.
          If you have hyperlink to help me with xPort, I am grateful to you.
          Thanks again.


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            The XPort has a different operating system (Cobos) than the xPico Wi-Fi, and requires custom firmware to do this function.

            You should contact your Lantronix Sales representative to put in place a CPK License Agreement to receive the CPK and be able to put custom firmware on the device.