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Xport type XP1004000-03R

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  • Xport type XP1004000-03R

    I tried more times to run a cob that is a HTML page embedding an applet, but the applet cannot be displayed even if the sample application works with java viewer.

    My need is to control remotely the GPIO; but also the GPIOCtl.cob (that I found) does non work too on my XPORT. WHY ? What firmware do I need ?

    Can you post a simple application to move one or more XPORT I/O pins remotely from a web page (cob) ???

    Thanks a lot, Mario

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    Typical XPort-03/04/05 and other CoBOS devices are monitored on LTRX-XPORT yahoo group.
    GPIOCtl.cob should work just as well on the XPort-05 as it did on the XPort-03. JAVA on the other hand is becoming a larger problem. When you says that it does not work, can you offer more detail? Does the graphic interface show up or do you get an error?
    You may contact me directly: [email protected]


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      Xport type XP1004000-03R

      Hi Garry ! Thanks for your help.
      Can you tell me where the GPIOCtl.cob can be downloaded SAFELY to retest my Xport ? So I'll be sure that the application file is the right one ...

      I think that you are very right when you say "JAVA on the other hand is becoming a larger problem". It is almost impossible to use it with GoogleChrome. A lot of problems of security and any kind of stupid hang-up ...

      Sorry for not using the "LTRX-XPORT yahoo group". I did not know about it ...

      Regards, Mario


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        No graphic interface shows up.
        Error is (everytime the same) 404 !


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          Please contact me directly at [email protected] from your corporate email.