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  • New SDK released. Version

    You can download the latest here:


    o Web Manager now shows Radio status and configuration on separate pages.
    o Configurable DNS redirect.
    o Added Radio Roaming configurables Scan Period and Trigger Delta.
    o Added Radio Max Volley Delay configurable.
    o Added user configurable NTP sync frequency
    o Added multiple Users and HTTP Security.
    o Added RFC 3546 support to SSL_Client.
    o Added radio power control.
    o Added SSL Client to SDK.
    o Added SMTP module.
    o Added new Mux connect option for non-blocking operation.
    o Added devfs implementation. Provided read and write access to serial lines via the file system.
    o Clock UTC Offset changes now take immediate effect.

    30745. Add ability to change SPI parameters without reboot
    30508. Multiple listens on same port
    Added usb_acm, which was removed in, back into packager and SDK

    24727 Improved response time for WebAPI.
    24265 Added support to allow entering ? as part of the passphrase, for a WLAN profile, in CLI. Use '\' as escape character.
    Added UTF-8 charset for sending email using SMTP
    28463. File System browse web layout.
    29728. Added tlog for file system format start/complete.
    30047. KRACK fix
    30121. Firmware upgrade initiated via CLI now offers choice when more than one interface is up.
    30127. Tunnel log now contains consistent Line instances.
    30185. When exceed available space, show "Unselect module(s) to free up space."
    30215. CLI file upload cleanup after timeout.
    30216. Telnet CLI auto show.
    30231. Set ap0 config took ap0 down even when no changes were made.
    30247. NTP should not restart without config change.
    30290. Corrected Tunnel instances in tlog.
    30005. CLI telnet now packs its packet response for improved performance.
    30045. Warn no CPs if needed for hardware flow control.
    30065. Corrected supported number of AP clients claimed in Web Mgr help.
    30066. CLI firmware upgrade now works over bridged wlan0 if ap0 is down. (And vice-versa)
    29720. Tunnel registration now handles default Local Ports.
    29725. CLI now properly detects closed connections.
    29705. Quick connect now handles SSID with special characters.