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Maximum size for serialTransmit

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  • Maximum size for serialTransmit

    I am trying to send about 2.5k of data using serialTransmit. The first 750 or so bytes seem to go just fine, then it either sends garbage or just stops. Almost like there is a buffer that is filling up. I have not had the problem receiving, as I have been able to receive over 8k without any issues. Also, I do believe it is from the xPico because I have a serial sniffer between them and the data is corrupt before it is received by the other device.

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    The serialTransmit function uses buffers in the xPico Wi-Fi, so there is a size limit per transaction.

    You can slice the data to meet be under 750 bytes, or you can use the streaming WebDAV functions instead:



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      Thanks, that was my thought but wanted to verify. The WebDAV looks promising.


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        Can you tell me how the file is processed using the WebDAV method? Specifically, once the file is finished writing to the directory specified, will the xPico automatically send it out on the serial line? Then what happens to the file, is it automatically deleted from the directory? Finally, if there is a response after sending the file, does that get captured?


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          When using the HTTP file system interface to write to a serial line, the data is written straight to the line; there is no intermediate file or buffering in flash. The possible HTTP replies are the same as those for regular files.
          Erick Liska
          Lantronix Inc.