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xPico WiFi network not forwarding data in secure configuration

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  • xPico WiFi network not forwarding data in secure configuration

    Setup: a single xPico WiFi acts as an Access Point to another xPico WiFi and a PC (can be a mobile device).

    There is a basic UDP receive implementation running on the xPicos. They receive packets from a UDP port and forward them to a serial line. The implementation is very well tested in many network types including this test setup, however we've stumbled across something strange with the passworded network.

    Broadcasting or unicasting packets from the PC to both the xPico server and the xPico client is possible in open mode (Suite="None"). Whenever a secure protocol used (Suite="WPA2"), the xPico server does not receive any packets (neither unicast nor broadcast). However, the xPico client does receive all types of packets. The standard xPico webpages all appear to work fine on both the Server and the Client.

    Selected security mode seems to be the only difference. Is it possible that xPico WiFi handles communications in secure mode differently from the open mode, and prevents certain forwarding operations from happening?

    For reference, we're using default SDK functions: ltrx_ip_socket_receive, ltrx_udp_socket_send, and ltrx_output_stream_write_binary. Nothing is received using ltrx_ip_socket_receive, and zero bytes available when checked. The SDK is based on It has never happened if the xPicos are connected to an external 3rd party router, and our implementations have been used by many users.

    We've been looking at it on and off for three weeks but we haven't been able to find any good clues. Would be glad for any help.

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    I have used ltrx_ip_socket_receive successfully on the SoftAP with WPA2 security, using UDP. For example, the udp_tunnel example that comes with the SDK works. So, something else must be going on.

    Can you contact your local Lantronix FAE so that you can share your code with them for further debugging?


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      I will contact you directly for local FAE contact.


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        Thanks guys for a prompt reply. We're still investigating the problem, which may come from the fact we're connecting one xPico WiFi to another one, effectively creating a "small network". It's increasingly more popular with our users -- no need for 3rd party routers. Forwarding seems to behave differently in a network created by a passworded xPico WiFi AP with another xPico WiFi client connected, than with just a single passworded or open xPico WiFi AP. (we're always using either ap0=enabled & wlan0=disabled, or ap0=disabled & wlan0=enabled). I'll be in touch with FAE.
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