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Window watchdog reset

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  • Window watchdog reset

    Part of my custom ROM has an http callback, this function queries a micro connected to line 1 for data, processes it and writes it to a stream back to the http client. Often during this process the xPico resets, the following is in the TLOG:

    ltrx_platf.c 70 Window watchdog reset

    I can't see any functions available in the SDK or included header files for manually kicking the watchdog, so I assume it is handled by the "main" module in the xPico WiFi as a Thread named Watchdog is listed on the web manager. I added some ltrx_thread_yield() calls in my loop of obtaining data from the micro but it is still resetting.

    Can Lantronix offer some guidance around the Watchdog, what the timeouts are, if there is anyway to "kick" it from our code and whether calls to the serial line functions could stop it being kicked.

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    Sounds like you're stuck in a loop for too long. I'll send you an email so you can send me your module code and I'll take a look at it.



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      I managed to get it working by changing my read from serial line function to only read character at a time using ltrx_input_stream_read() rather than ltrx_line_read()