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  • Maximum number of sockets


    What is the maximum number of sockets available?
    I currently have 12 sockets listening but I get "netx_duo_s 652 out of sockets" in the TLOG.
    Is there different limitations per interface or protocol?

    Here is a summary of my IP sockets:
    IP Socket 1: UDP, 0, 0, ap0: 67, - , Listen
    IP Socket 2: UDP, 0, 0, ap0: 53, - , Listen
    IP Socket 3: TCP, 0, 0, ap0: 80, - , Listen
    IP Socket 4: TCP, 0, 0, ap0:10110, - , Listen
    IP Socket 5: UDP, 0, 0, ap0:10110, - , Listen
    IP Socket 6: UDP, 0, 0,wlan0: 68, - , Listen
    IP Socket 7: UDP, 0, 0, ap0:30718, - , Listen
    IP Socket 8: UDP, 0, 0,wlan0:10110, - , Listen
    IP Socket 9: TCP, 0, 0,wlan0:10110, - , Listen
    IP Socket 10: TCP, 1, 1,wlan0: 80,, Established
    IP Socket 11: TCP, 0, 0,wlan0: 80, - , Listen
    IP Socket 12: UDP, 0, 0,wlan0:30718, - , Listen

    and we have mutliple sockets on TCP 10110 (ap0|wlan0), we need at least 4 possible clients on this.

    After the first connection/accept on TCP 10110 I get a continuous TLOG of "out of sockets" (1 to 6 times per sec). I can still connect my 6 tcp clients and all 6 clients (shared between ap0 and wlan0) on TCP 10110 can communicate in both direction.

    Thanks for your response.

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    Does your application need to run the Lantronix discovery protocol on both interfaces? That uses up 2 sockets by listening on port 30718 on both wlan0 and ap0. You can go in the configuration for Discovery and turn off 1 or both if you don't need it.

    If that doesn't gain you enough sockets, I can get you an Alpha build of 1.5 SDK that increases the total number to 22. We're still testing the ramifications, as more sockets uses more memory.



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      We can indeed disable the discovery at least on one interface.

      Do you know the exact number of available sockets on 1.4?

      What really happens in the xpico when the limit is overpassed? since the sockets seem to be all operationnals after getting the "out of sockets".

      We are not really interested by an Alpha firmware.
      We'll do with these limitations for now and hopefully get more connections when it's ready.


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        The total in 1.4 is 14 sockets. You should not be able to open new sockets after that, but the existing ones will continue to work.