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Frozen xPico MCU

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  • Frozen xPico MCU

    our company sells up to 1000 devices with xPico Wifi inside per year. The HTTP server contains web page with status of devices (temperatures, valve positions etc.) and settings.
    The customers complain that they can not connect to device (softAP).
    I have seen this case personally. I see the SSID of device, when I scan networks, but I do not connect to it. The answer is "wrong password" or nothing.
    There is the LED indicator that xPico is connected to other AP (router). I power off this AP, but the LED is still lights. Inside of xPico is transceiver, MCU, flash, RX/TX RFswitch and others. I thing the transceiver transmit SSID, but MCU is frozen, does not verify the password, does not turn off the LED, UART do not communicate... Is there some WDT?
    After restart it is ok for a while, randomly few hours, or days. The regular restart is not the primary solution.
    We use firmware The xPico modules have 1.4... .
    The last series have but there do not work with our xml configuration (downloaded by curl in batch file).

    Please for help


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    Sending this to the Tech Support team.
    "I find when in doubt I retrace my steps"


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      ok, thanks


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