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    I have a handheld controller that sends out command data. I have multiple target systems that receive that data, reads that data, determines if that data pertains to them, if so do the command and send a response back. I currently use an RF radio with built in modem which coverts the radio data to serial data. I am want to replace these radios with the xpicowifi modules. I have the xpicos in hand. How do I set one up to be the "command" xpico and send out data to ALL the target systems and be able to receive the responses? I imagine instead of TCP I would have to use UDP. Can anyone help me with this setup? I do have a closed LAN just for these systems provided by a TPLink.

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    I have got this part working with a laptop as in in post. Now, instead of the laptop, we want to use the handheld which connects with an xpicowifi also. Hopefully that is not confusing.
    I have a laptop communicating over Ethernet to a number of xpico wifi modules. I need to send out a packet to ALL the xpico on the LAN (the xpico are


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      Nevermind, I figured it out. If I would have just read the rest of the previous issue.