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Response delays with embedded websites

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  • Response delays with embedded websites

    Hello forum,
    we try to set up an embedded webserver to control IOs of our device. The xPico is connected via serial line to the master controller.

    We use html/javascript for that in addition to the xpwLib.js. In general this works.

    We use the serial transaction command to send a click information via browser the the xPico WIFI. The xPico sends a command to the target firmware.
    After receiving the target firmware sends an acknowledge to the xPico module back to answer serial transaction command.

    We defined a delimiter (CR) for the serial transaction command (no usage of timeouts) to get fast resonses.

    But in worst case the response (from click on webside till answer) takes 2 seconds.
    Can you tell us if the embedded action page (for the requests) is ready for real time usage? Or what is the prefered way?
    We need reponse times <200ms.

    In best case it should be possible the click a checkbox and get the response (e.g. grapical LED on website) in realtime instead of horrible delays...

    We would be glad to get help.
    Thank you!

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    It should not take 2 seconds to get a response. Normally it will be less than 100ms. Can you check how quickly the device attached to the serial line sends the carriage return character back?