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xPico Wi-Fi Web Login Issues

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  • mariano
    When using Digest authentication (the default starting on 1.5 firmware), there is an authentication timeout. You can change the duration of this timeout in the HTTP Server tab, Configuration page.

    Another option is to set the page to Basic authentication, which doesn't have a timeout. To do that, in HTTP Server, then Security, click on Access Control 1. The URI will be /, the AuthType Basic, and the User Level Admin. Now instead of Digest authentication, it will use Basic.

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  • linktek
    started a topic xPico Wi-Fi Web Login Issues

    xPico Wi-Fi Web Login Issues


    I have been using the xPico Wifi with latest firmware using two serial ports capturing using xpwlib and some javascript - all works well - however

    I noticed that my web pages (Google Chrome) keep on prompting popping up the SIGN IN dialog asking form Username and Password. Sometimes it will work for
    a while and sometimes it will re prompt me for the login dialog every a few minutes.

    I have tried to extend the timeout settings in the web setup
    I have tried in Soft AP vs infrastructure mode still getting same issues
    I use the v1.5.0.xx version of the xPico Wifi

    Is there some place to prevent the login to stop bugging me in the xPico Wifi setup or is it just me??