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Simpler index page with default config manager on underlying link?

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  • Simpler index page with default config manager on underlying link?

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry if the title is a little on the vague side. There's only so much you can type in such a small space, and keep it descriptive enough...

    We're using the Xpico WiFi chip in our device, and we decided to allow users of our device to use the configuration manager to adjust things on the device, like enable or disable certain protocols. However, we decided we wanted simple checkboxes on a sleeker, simpler index page to achieve this, and hide everything else that is irrelevant to the user. To achieve this, we want to 'hide' the default configuration manager under a href on the new, simpler index page. However, I'm a little concerned about the PHP side of things... I'm afraid that if I rename the default index page for this purpose, the PHP will stop working.
    Truth be told however, I've never worked with this device, so maybe I'm more afraid than I need to be.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to see a response soon. I'm a little stuck right now, sadly...

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    You can create your own web pages that you put in the file system under the /http/ directory, and they are served by the web server. Using the WebAPI, you can use Javascript on your page to do a POST to /import/config and make configuration changes for the items that you want to let your end user change.

    If you name the file index.html, then it will be the default page and hide the default Configuration Manager.

    See more details here:


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      Thanks for your quick reply!
      After a bit of toying I managed to get my idea to work, I guess I was too afraid to make the web manager unavailable anymore because we still need that one - I didn't want to make it unaccessible forever. Though I guess if I did screw things up down the line I would have been able to flash it anyway.

      All good now, got the thing to work, now it's just a case of actually making the magic happen


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        If you make a mistake, you don't have to reflash the firmware. You just have to remove index.html through the WebAPI and you get the default web manager back. See this post:

        You could also do it through the CLI in the filesystem menu level.



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          Thanks, you're the best!