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  • Mux Connection Status

    Hi There,
    I'm currently working on an application that uses the mux of the serial line 1.

    The connection status are a bit mysterious to me just now. Sending "<n>" with n being the mux channel being used, i will receive the status of the connection . either and error E with error description, K for OK, W for waiting on connection from client, D for disabled and two others : F and R.

    What are the exact meaning of the F and R status:
    i.e F:"Received fin, but send remeians active"
    and R "Sent Finished but receive remains active"

    After sending a few bytes back to my weppage request (xmlhttprequest object in javascript) using the mux "http_mux", i sometimes get the status F undefinitly when asking the status of the XPICO mux.
    Does this means that i sent my bytes back right to the XPICO, but that it can not communicate the data i sent to my webpage at the moment ?

    Thanks for helping.

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    When you receive an F, it means that the browser is trying to close the TCP connection gracefully, because it's done communicating. In the TCP handshake, both sides of a connection have to send a FIN. Until you send the FIN, you can send some more data (that's why the status is "Received fin, but send remains active").

    So at this point, I would send whatever data is left, then close the connection with a <n>F, and if you want to listen again, do <n>h



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      Hi Mariano,

      Thanks for the fast reply. I will try what you are suggesting.
      Just realised that i apparently posted my question onto the wrong forum.
      Should i have posted it in the "Standard Firmware Release" forum instead?