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Users and/or blocking functions in Xpico Wifi

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  • Users and/or blocking functions in Xpico Wifi

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to create a "simple" user who is only allowed basic connection? Problem with the current "admin" user is that there are WAY to many features the average user can **** with to prevent his or her device from working

    I saw a thread from a year ago with the same question, perhaps there is already work done this way? Otherwise would it be possible to link to a "different" page in order to see only the "connect" feature? Perhaps, make a 2nd index page or something?

    Main question is, how to block the average user from all these settings that they shouldn't touch.

    Hints are appreciated!

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    There's no way to add a different user to have different access rights. However, you can make the web server show a different index page with only what you need.

    A user that really wants to break some configuration still can, but then it's much harder to do it accidentally as it's all hidden.

    Here's the instructions on how to create custom webpages:

    For an example of a page that only shows the QuickConnect function, you can look at the quickconnect.html example here:

    If you want just that to be shown, you would rename it index.html and place it in the http/ directory in the filesystem.



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      Thanks, will try to do that, first need to figure out why my device doesn't want to boot in bootloader mode and therefore is not able to load new firmware


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        Hi Mariano,

        Was looking at that wiki page, seems promising, the idea of adding custom pages to the default ones is also nice. I was wondering how you can "reach" those "Customization" options on the tunnel serial port?

        For example, I would like a custom textbox with "update speed" for example, how can I get the value of that textbox in my microcontroller who is only talking to the main serial port? With the Mux protocol?



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          The value entered in the text box will be in the XCR (XML Configuration Record) with the rest of the configuration fields. The "configgroup" will be named Custom. See the info here:

          Your microcontroller can get the XCR via the Command Line interface. If the UART is normally using the Mux protocol, you can enter CLI by entering the Device Control command: D

          Then in the CLI:
          xcr dump custom

          Also take a look at the "User Data Updated" CP. This will toggle one of the CP lines when a custom field is updated. So you can use as an interrupt to your MCU to know to go read the new configuration data (instead of having to poll every once in a while via the CLI).


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            Hi Mariano,

            Any hope for the "dumb" user option? So just a simple user, not an admin?

            Just updated to last firmware, but no option for that unfortunatly



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              I just added Alpha firmware that supports this functionality. Here's the thread:

              Take a look at the Wiki page linked in the post to see how to use it.